Furniture respray – renewed, protected and perfectly stylish look of your home!

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Who we are

Our company provides professional spray painting services for the entire range of furniture. Working with furniture finishes for many years, we have perfected our processes: have made our surface preparation procedure flawless, learned to select the best paint compositions, choose the tone, technique of paint application. With us you get cost-efficient and unique solutions for your most unconventional tasks! Renovate the old family crib? Completely change your kitchen's look to match the new renovations? Protect your outdoor furniture from bugs and make it look fresh again? – We can accomplish all of this in record time, reinventing your home and interior design! You will appreciate our precision and speed of work, and will not have time to experience any discomfort.

Kitchen Respray

Give your kitchen furniture a new look: safe, quick and colorful

Furniture Respray

Superb renovation for any type of furniture – new look, facade enhancement, wear and tear protection

Children's Furniture Respray

Elegant and safe coating, vivid colors that will completely renew your furniture and create a bright mood in the children's room

Nursery Furniture Respray

A baby's first furniture should be as safe and cozy as a mother's embrace. Our coatings will make it feel exactly like this!

Garden Furniture Respray

Withstand any nature surprises and still look good? – Your garden furniture will always look perfect, if you paint it regularly

uPVC Respray

Coated with our paints, your windows and doors will get a new look. Your home will be transformed even without wall painting!

Our Working Process

step 1

Day 1 and 2

Any painting starts with surface preparation. We always give this part of the process our maximum attention, as it directly affects the end result. First, we disassemble as much of the furniture as possible. We take off doors and other parts. Then we thoroughly clean the removed parts, sand and prime them. Many companies may skip over this surface preparation stage for removable parts, yet we feel that this is a mandatory part of the process. Only after this, we paint them – and then move on to working with the frame. We handle all removable parts in our workshop, so that the process goes with maximum efficiency and gives you as little trouble as possible.

step 2

Day 3

Next step is preparation of furniture frames for painting. For kitchen furniture and other similar sets, this preparation can take an entire day. Before spraying, we sand and degrease the surface. Parts that aren't meant to be sprayed are masked. This is the day that you will have to be strong and make do without your furniture.

step 3

Day 4

Final stage – the actual painting. We use spray paint as this type of painting ensures top-quality even coating. Paint is sprayed in several layers – this guarantees an even and vivid tone. After frames are finished, we peel off the masking from the protected details, hang the doors and screw in the rest of the removable parts. The only thing left to do is to inspect the quality of work!

What Types of wood do we spray

Solid Wood

Prior to spraying solid wood, we clean the furniture and use deep surface sanding. This allows to effectively peel off paint and rust, remove loose splinters and even out small defects. Also, after sanding, the wood has a rougher texture, which is perfectly suited for being filled with paint. In wooden furniture, paint penetrates deeper, due to which, such surfaces are not afraid of light chipping and scratching – the color is not affected.







Manufactured Wood

MDF and other manufactured wood furniture also gives good results after painting. We know the tricks of preparing such surfaces for spraying, so we can guarantee a top-quality result. After spraying, furniture becomes moisture-resistant, facades will not fade in the sun, swell from moisture or absorb odors, they are more resistant to physical damage, than, for instance, in the event of applying adhesive film.




What type of paint do we use

Polyurethane coatings are two-pack products: one base part and one hardener, designed to be mixed in given amounts immediately prior to use and then cure by chemical reaction. Polyurethane base and topcoat products offer exceptional elasticity, quick drying properties, good bonding and UV stability. Using polyurethane coatings gives woodwork a special level of finish that cannot be rivalled by single-pack coatings in terms of surface hardness, chemical resistance and mechanical strength.

Coatings from the polyurethane series are advanced products that are suitable for finishing furniture on an industrial scale and, to date, are the products most commonly used for coating chairs, frames, cabinet doors, joinery, wood flooring and furniture in general.

Feature of polyurethane base and topcoats

  • Excellent aesthetic results
  • Mechanical strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Quick drying professional spray painting

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