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Spray Painting

Do you wish to make changes to your interior design? There is no need to do a grand remodeling or throw a fortune on buying new furniture – you can just repaint the old set! Your kitchen facades and living room closet doors, table and bedside table tops – all of these play their part in creating the overall look of the room and can add new colors to the old interior.

Spray painting of facades is not just a way to return a prized look to your furniture, but also a good way to protect it from humidity, dirt and high temperatures. Covered with a protective layer of high-quality paint, your facade will be more durable and resistant. Also, our rich color palette allows you to be creative with design and choose the most unexpected combinations.

Save your money

Change the color of furniture and your entire room will change. Get a visible upgrade with minimal investment.

Save your time

There is no need to start long renovations or wait until new cabinets are made. Changes come fast!

Choose your color

Be in charge of color! Create an interior design matching your spirits. No limits!

Our Services

kitchen respray kitchen respray

Kitchen Respray

Kitchen is the most popular place in the house. Tired of seeing one and the same picture day after day? – Kitchen respray can drastically change your space within a short time! Our paints, specifically designed for kitchen furniture, make the coating not just pretty and crisp, but also easy to clean and damage-resistant.

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Furniture Respray Furniture Respray

Furniture Respray

Any casegoods can have a second life after repainting. Tables and chests of drawers, cabinets and benches, and even bed frames become brighter and more appealing, while small scratches and chips on their surface are concealed. If you have renovated your space, furniture respray will help you seamlessly fit your old furniture into the new design.

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Children Furniture Respray Children Furniture Respray

Children's Furniture Respray

Each parent knows that children's furniture is prone to wearing out especially quickly. Cabinet doors become canvas for young painters, chair finishes wear out with double speed, and table tops have to withstand to full magnitude of children's creativity. You can change furniture once per year, yet more efficiency can be achieved with a regular children's furniture respray!

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Nursery Furniture Respray Nursery Furniture Respray

Nursery Furniture Respray

Preparing a nursery is one of the most enjoyable tasks while expecting a baby. Nursery furniture has to be special: pretty, reliable, 100% safe. This is why we pay particularly careful attention to furniture paint ingredients. Modern polyurethane coating will make parents feel safe, while the baby's first furniture will look like new!

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Outdoor Furniture Respray Outdoor Furniture Respray

Outdoor Furniture Respray

Outdoor furniture is subjected to all possible whims of weather – rain and wind, sun and fog. Sooner or later, all of this affects the surfaces of tables and benches – their color fades, small chips and cracks appear, old paint peels and flakes off... Using the modern technology of spray painting, you can do an outdoor furniture respray every season, making it look like new and protecting it from weather damage and parasites in the future.

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uPVC Windows and Doors Respray uPVC Windows and Doors Respray

uPVC Windows and Doors Respray

Windows and doors are a defining feature of your home's exterior design. They take up a small part of the facade, yet create important accents in the overall look of the building. So, if you wish to change something in your home's exterior, there is no need to repaint the entire building, – start with window frames and doors! Also, such respray will help you prolong the life of you window and door frames.

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